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Northern Lights Tour - The Pas
On September 22, 2017, in partnership with the MB Healthcare Providers Network, the Northern Health Region welcomed a large group of university students to the region for the annual Northern Lights Tour.  This tour had been an annual event for a number of years, and just made a comeback in 2015, with the tour rotating to a different site each year.  Students from various years of study and varied healthcare disciplines are invited to visit the region, participate in facility tours, connect with other healthcare professionals, and see firsthand what the north has to offer.  

This year the tour was held in The Pas & Area.  During their visit, the students were immersed in presentations from regional recruiters, Mayor Jim Scott, department managers and staff working on site.  Students were welcomed throughout the facilities allowing the ability to see what healthcare services look like in our communities and ask staff within our region about their personal experiences. Since the Northern Health Region promotes a healthy work/life balance, students were also provided with a visit to one of Northern Manitoba’s well known treasures – Clearwater Lake.  Students were thrilled at the opportunity to visit the Caves, have a bonfire on the beach at Pioneer Bay and some even braved the northern waters to take an icy dip in one of the clearest lakes in the world.

This years’ tour group included 45 students from the faculties of nursing, pharmacy, and social work.  During their stay, students were encouraged to consider the Northern Health Region for educational placements and future employment opportunities.  The Northern Health Region hopes to continue with this annual event.

NL Tour Picture
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