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Northern Patient Transportation Program (NPTP)

Northern Patient Transportation Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NPTP?

NPTP is the Northern Patient Transportation Program. It is a provincial government program run by Manitoba Health and administered by the Region which subsidizes the travel costs of Northern residents to attending required medical appointments.

Who is covered by NPTP?

Eligible Manitoba residents living north of the 53rd parallel from the Manitoba Saskatchewan Border to Lake Winnipeg are covered. A Manitoba Health card or treaty status is a requirement for coverage. Only treaty patients living off reserve are covered by NPTP. On reserve patients are covered by a different program.

What is covered?

The program subsidizes medical transportation costs for treatment or medical services not available in your home community. These include:

·       Emergency medical transportation via air ambulance within the province;

·       Elective medical transportation via bus, car or air as determined by a physician based on the patient’s medical condition;

·       Transportation costs for essential patient escorts for children and disabled adults may also be authorized. (one escort per trip);

·       Travel costs by land for Telehealth appointments in Flin Flon, The Pas, Thompson and outlying areas.

What is the process I need to follow for NPTP?

Bring your appointment letter to your local NPTP office or nursing station prior to travel for your appointment.   Based on the Manitoba Health policy and guidelines, NPTP staff will discuss your travel arrangements with you.   For patients approved for air travel, the NPTP staff will book flights as required.  Patients approved for land travel will be provided with a bus or car warrant.  Staff will complete a travel warrant package for you to pick up before you travel to your appointment. Once you have attended your appointment, bring the follow-up and verification that you attended your appointment form along with original receipts to NPTP for reimbursement within 60 days of the appointment. Patients may choose to pay $75* to upgrade to air travel via Calm Air.  Patients must pick up their warrant, in order to book with Calm Air reservations.  Patients must present the green copy of the warrant to Calm Air at check-in.  Failure to present the green warrant will result in cancellation of your flight booking and no refund of the $75 upgrade.  *Upgrade fees and availability of flights are subject to change without notice.

Are there daily maximums or limits that apply to meals, hotel or transportation?

Yes. The daily maximums are listed below.  The hotel, food & taxi amounts apply to the approved escort only.  Escort travel expenses must be approved in advance based on the Manitoba Health policy and guidelines.

· Hotel - $65.00 ($30.00 if staying in a private home)

· Food - $24.65

· Taxis - $35.00

· Gas – Equivalent to bus fare if you drove your car.

*Claimable amounts are subject to change without notice

Why are NPTP rules different from Health Canada’s, Department of Indian Affairs & Northern Development’s (DIAND'S) or First Nations & Inuit Health Branch’s (FNIHB)?

Each program has its own policies and guidelines.  The NPTP program is a provincial government policy.  The others fall under federal government policies.

Who decides if I fly or take the bus and or if I have an escort or not?

Your doctor makes a recommendation which is subject to approval by Manitoba Health based on the program’s policies.

Can I make a claim to travel to another community (i.e. Thompson , Flin Flon or The Pas) to see a general practitioner (GP)?

Not if there are general practitioner services provided in your home community.  Travel is approved to see specialists only, not general practitioners.

Can I make a claim for an appointment at the Northern Consultation Clinic in Thompson?

This would require pre-approval by the NPTP Office prior to travel taking place and only if that specialty is not available in your home community.

What happens if I get sent out of my community by an Emergency Medivac?

When you are discharged, your transportation may be arranged and covered by NPTP to return to your home community.  You must have a valid MB Health Card which shows your current address as a resident north of the 53rd parallel.  If you have treaty status, your MB Health Card must show that you are living outside of First Nation boundaries.

NPTP Contact Information: Thompson: 204-778-1516

Flin Flon: 204-687-9638

The Pas: 204-623-9212

                                          Toll Free number:   1-800-290-1098


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