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Internal Job Postings
TP-2019-00003 FF/TP/TM Manager, Health Promotion & Community Health DevelopmentFT Jan 18/19
 TH-2019-010  ThompsonFamilies First Home VisitorFTJan 22/19
TH-2019-011  Thompson Health Care AidePTJan 22/19
TH-2019-012 Thompson Ward ClerkPTJan 22/19
 TH-2019-013 ThompsonClinical Resource NurseFT TermJan 22/19
FF-2019-00002 Flin Flon Executive Director of Clinical ServicesFT Jan 30/19
FF-2019-006 Flin FlonDietary AidePT TermJan 15/19
FF-2019-007 Flin FlonClinical Care AssistantFTJan 15/19
FF-2019-008 Flin FlonHealth Records ClerkFT TermJan 15/19
FF-2019-009 Flin Flon Administrative SecretaryFT TermJan 17/19
FF-2019-010 Flin Flon  Dietary AidePT TermJan 17/19
FF-2019-012 Flin Flon Registered NurseFTJan 17/19
 FF-2019-013 Flin Flon Registered NurseFTJan 17/19
FF-2019-014 Flin Flon Registered NurseFT Jan 17/19
FF-2019-015 Flin Flon Registered NurseFTJan 17/19
FF-2019-016 Flin Flon Licensed Practical NursePTJan 17/19
FF-2019-017 Flin Flon Licensed Practical NursePTJan 17/19
FF-2019-019 Flin Flon Unit ClerkFTJan 17/19
FF-2019-020 Flin FlonDietary AidePT TermJan 22/19
FF-2019-021 Flin FlonHealth Care AidePTJan 22/19
FF-2019-022 Flin FlonLicensed Practical NursePTJan 22/19
FF-2019-023 Flin FlonPorterPT TermJan 22/19
FF-2019-024 Flin FlonReceptionistFT TermJan 22/19
FF-2019-025 Flin FlonDietary AidePTJan 24/19
FF-2019-026 Flin FlonDietary AidePT TermJan 24/19
TP-2018-00048 The Pas Manager, Addictions & Acute Mental Health ServicesFTDec17/18
TP-2018-00049 The Pas Administrative Assistant I - Organization & Staff DevFT TermUntil Filled
TP-2018-00050 The Pas Administrative Assistant I - IPAC-MDR/SSPTUntil Filled
 The PasUnit ClerkFT TermJan 17/19
 The PasUnit ClerkPT TermJan 17/19
 The PasRegistered NursePT TermJan 22/19
 The PasHealth Care AidePTJan 22/19
  LOCATIONCASUAL POSITIONS                               (NO CLOSING DATE)
  ThompsonCasual-MDR Aide
  Flin Flon Casual - NPTP Clerk
 Flin FlonCasual - CCA
 Flin FlonCasual - Clinic LPN
  Flin FlonCasual - Recreation Facilitator - Uncertified
  Flin FlonCasual - Porter
  Flin FlonCasual - Direct Observed Therapy (DOT) Worker
  Snow LakeCasual - CCA = Snow Lake

 The PasRNII Dialysis

 The PasSecurity Officer
  The Pas Casual - NTP Clerk TP

 The PasAdmitting/Switchboard Clerk
  The PasHome Care Attendant
  The PasRNII Home Care
  The PasReceptionist
  The PasClinical Care Assistant
  The PasRNII Operating Room
  The PasMedical Device Reprocessing Technician/ Aide
Until Filled
 The PasLicensed Practical NursePTJuly 27/17
Health Care Aide

The Pas
Flin Flon
Flin Flon
Technician-Primary Care Paramedic
Technician-Primary Care Paramedic
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