Health People, Healthy North
Community/Mental Health/Homecare
TP-2014-00016PHC - All SitesMental Health ProctorCasualUntil Filled
TP-2017-00033PHC - All SitesHome Support WorkerCasualUntil Filled
TP-2017-00032PHC - All SitesHome Care AttendantCasualUntil Filled
FF-2017-149Home Care - Flin Flon Home Care AttendantFT TermUntil Filled
FF-2016-227Home Care - Flin Flon Home Care Attendant PTUntil Filled
FF-2017-117Home Care - Flin Flon Home Support WorkerPTUntil Filled
FF-2016-00024Home Care - Snow Lake Home Care AttendantCasualUntil Filled
TP-2017-026PHC The Pas Mental Wellness & Recovery PractitionerFTUntil Filled
TP-2017-209PHC The Pas Mental Wellness & Recovery PractitionerFTUntil Filled
TP-2017-216PHC The Pas Mental Wellness & Recovery PractitionerFTUntil Filled
TP-2016-242PHC The Pas Families First Home VisitorFT TermUntil Filled
TP-2017-151PHC The Pas Families First Home Visitor FT TermUntil Filled
TP-2017-217Rosaire House - The Pas Addictions Recovery Practitioner Lead FT Term Until Filled
TP-2016-212Rosaire House - The Pas Addictions Recovery PractitiionerFTUntil Filled
TP-2016-246Rosaire House - The Pas Residential Care WorkerPTUntil Filled
TP-2017-00010Grand Rapids Home Care AttendantCasual Until Filled 
TP-2017-00011Cormorant Home Care Attendant Casual Until Filled 
TH-2015-0024Lynn LakeHome Support/Home Care WorkersCasualUntil Filled
TH-2016-00032Lynn LakeHome Support WorkerCasualUntil Filled
TH-2016-00039Lynn LakeHome Care AttendantCasualUntil Filled
TH-2017-195Lynn LakeFamilies First Home VisitorFTUntil Filled
GillamFamilies First Home VisitorPT Until Filled
TH-2017-085Thompson Community Health DeveloperFTUntil Filled
TH-2017-133Hope North Recovery Centre - ThompsonCrisis Worker - Mobile Crisis TeamFTJune 22/17  
TH-2017-205Thompson Mental Wellness & Recovery PractitionerFTUntil Filled
TH-2017-075ThompsonMobile Crisis ClinicianPT TermUntil Filled
TH-2016-240ThompsonHome Care Social WorkerPTUntil Filled
TH-2016-294ThompsonCommunity Engagement LiaisonPTUntil Filled
TH-2017-0009Thompson - Hope NorthRecovery Support WorkerCasualUntil Filled
 TH-2017-0010Thompson - Hope NorthCrisis Worker - Mobile Crisis TeamCasualUntil Filled
TH-2017-0011Thompson - Hope NorthClinician - Mobile Crisis Team CasualUntil Filled
TH-2017-258IlfordCommunity Health WorkerPTUntil Filled
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