Health People, Healthy North
Support/Administrative Positions
TP-2014-00017All SitesHealth Care AideCasualUntil Filled
FF-2017-143Northern Lights Manor Health Care AidePT Until Filled
FF-2018-015Northern Lights Manor Health Care AidePT TermUntil Filled
FF-2017-169Northern Lights Manor Health Care AidePTUntil Filled
FF-2017-171Flin Flon PCH Health Care AidePT TermUntil Filled
FF-2017-188Flin Flon PCH Health Care AidePT Term Until Filled
FF-2017-183Flin Flon PCH Health Care AidePTUntil Filled
FF-2017-187Flin Flon PCH Health Care AidePTUntil Filled
FF-2017-191Flin Flon PCH Health Care AidePT Term Until Filled
FF-2018-00004Flin Flon General Hospital Administrative Assistant I - OSDFTMar 27/18
FF-2018-008Flin Flon General Hospital Corporate Travel, Fleet & Accommodation ClerkPTFeb 12/18
FF-2017-00044Flin Flon Clinic ReceptionistCasualUntil Filled
FF-2017-00045Flin Flon Clinic Health Records ClerkCasualUntil Filled
TP-2017-132The Pas Health Complex Security OfficerPTUntil Filled
TP-2017-00046The Pas Health Complex CookCasualUntil Filled
TP-2018-019The Pas Health Complex Dietary Aide PTMar 6/18
TP-2017-00001The Pas Health Complex Admitting-Switchboard ClerkCasualUntil Filled
TP-2018-022The Pas Health Complex Health Information Management ProfessionalFT Until Filled
TP-2018-003The Pas Health Complex TranscriptionistFTMar 27/18
TP-2017-00031The Pas Health Complex SchedulerCasualUntil Filled
TP-2017-00039 The Pas Health Complex Health Records ClerkCasual Until Filled
TP-2018-023The Pas Health Complex Health Care AideFTUntil Filled
TP-2017-191The Pas Health Complex Health Care AidePT TermUntil Filled
TP-2017-159St. Paul's Residence Health Care Aide FT Until Filled
TP-2017-160St. Paul's Residence Health Care Aide FT Until Filled 
TP-2017-163St.Paul's Residence Health Care AideFTUntil Filled
TP-2018-035St.Paul's Residence Health Care AideFT Until Filled
TP-2015-232St.Paul's ResidenceHealth Care AidePT Until Filled
TP-2017-201St.Paul's Residence Health Care AidePT  Until Filled
TP-2017-202St.Paul's Residence Health Care AidePT Until Filled
TP-2018-034St.Paul's Residence Health Care Aide PTUntil Filled
TP-2018-032St.Paul's Residence Health Care AidePTUntil Filled
TP-2017-162St.Paul's Residence Health Care AidePTUntil Filled
TP-2017-205St.Paul's Residence Health Care AidePT Until Filled
TP-2018-030St.Paul's Residence Health Care AidePTUntil Filled
TP-2018-017PHC - The Pas Administrative SecretaryPTMar 21/18
TP-2017-223PHC - The Pas Administrative SecretaryPT TermUntil Filled
TP-2018-00008The Pas Regional Office Executive Assistant IIFT Term Apr 4/18
FF-2016-277Snow Lake Health Centre Support Services AidePT Until Filled
TH-2017-297Thompson ClinicReceptionistPTUntil Filled
TH-2017-233Thompson ClinicIndigenous Health Liaison - Social WorkerFTOct 30/17
ThompsonFamilies First Home VisitorFTMar 5/18
TH-2018-019Thompson General HospitalSwitchboard OperatorFTFeb 15/18
 TH-2017-319Thompson General HospitalSchedulerFTMar 14/18
TH-2017-273Thompson - All sitesHealth Care Aide - Relief TeamFTUntil Filled
Thompson General Hospital OSD TrainerPTUntil Filled
Thompson General HospitalAdministrative Assistant 1 - Clinical ServicesFTMar 9/18
TH-2018-038Thompson General HospitalAdmitting/Switchboard ClerkPTMar 9/18
TH-2016-00028Thompson General HospitalDietary AideCasual Until Filled
TH-2016-00027Thompson General HospitalHousekeeping AideCasualUntil Filled
Thompson General HospitalWard ClerkFT TermFeb 23/18
Thompson General HospitalHealth Care AideFTUntil Filled
TH-2018-010Thompson General HospitalHealth Care AidePTUntil Filled
 TH-2016-00053Thompson - Northern Spirit ManorDietary AideCasualUntil Filled
TH-2018-0005 Thompson General HospitalMedical Device Reprocessing TechnicianCasualUntil Filled
 TH-2016-00054Northern Spirit Manor - ThompsonHousekeeping AideCasualUntil Filled
Gillam HospitalReceptionistFTUntil Filled
TH-2016-00033Gillam HospitalHousekeeping Aide CasualUntil Filled
Gillam HospitalDietary/Laundry AidePTUntil Filed
TH-2016-00034Gillam HospitalDietary/Laundry AideCasualUntil Filled
TH-2016-00036Gillam HospitalClerk II - ReceptionistCasualUntil Filled
TH-2016-00037Gillam HospitalHealth Records ClerkCasualUntil Filled
 TH-2016-00040Gillam HospitalHealth Care AideCasualUntil Filled
 TH-2017-0006Gillam HospitalMaintenance Worker CasualUntil Filled
 TH-2016-00048Norway HouseHome Support WorkerCasualUntil Filled
 TH-2016-00047Norway HouseHome Care AttendantCasualUntil Filled
 TH-2017-086Norway HouseAdministrative SecretaryPTUntil Filled
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