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Wait Time Information

 CT/CAT SCANS                                          Wait time in weeks
 The Pas Health Centre 3
 Thompson General Hospital 2
 Scans Performed Scans per MonthScans - Fiscal Year-to-DateScans - Last Fiscal Year
 The Pas Health Centre 287 287 3,375
 Thompson General Hospital 278 278 3,246
 ULTRASOUND SCANS                                                      Wait time in weeks
 Flin Flon General Hospital 3
 The Pas Health Centre 12
 Thompson General Hospital 6
 Scans Performed Scans per MonthScans - Fiscal Year-to-Date Scans - Last Fiscal Year
 Flin Flon General Hospital 1031031,648
 The Pas Health Centre 2312311,765
 Thompson General Hospital5925926,737

** Data is current to end of April 2014 

How Wait Times Are Measured

How wait times are calculated can depend upon the type of information systems that are available.

Wait times on this website are based on cases completed during the reported month. The exception is in diagnostic services.

Diagnostic services wait times are not based on completed cases. The wait times are estimated based on the next available slot in the schedule.

As a result, diagnostic wait times are reported as estimated maximum wait times rather than averages or medians. In most cases patients typically wait much less than the reported wait time, very few patients may wait longer. As planned improvements in information systems for diagnostic services are implemented, diagnostic wait times will be standardized with other program areas and be reported in terms of the median wait time for completed treatments.

Other Factors Affecting Wait Times:

  • Patient Choice – a patient with a non-life-threatening condition may choose to delay treatment for personal or family reasons to a more convenient time.
  • Patient Condition – treatment may be delayed until a patient’s condition improves sufficiently that surgery or a test can be performed.
  • Follow-up Care – a patient with an existing condition may be pre-booked for a follow-up treatment or test to monitor changes in patient condition.
  • Treatment Complexity – specific resources may be required for a patient with special requirements, resulting in a delay until these can be scheduled.

Wait Time Access Targets

Provinces and territories agreed to national evidence-based benchmarks in December 2005 (with the exception of diagnostic services, to follow in 2006). Manitoba is working with stakeholders and clinical experts to develop wait time access targets that patients, care providers and administrators can use to monitor progress. As data standards are developed, Manitoba will be adding these elements to the website.

Data Sources

RHAs are required to report wait time data for services funded by Manitoba Health. Facilities collect information from physicians and from operating room or scheduling systems. This information is verified by RHAs before being sent to Manitoba Health Information Management.

No confidential patient data is collected, therefore current data collection processes do not allow for an audit trail back to the original source of the data in the physician's office or a facility’s scheduling system. As a result, an error in data entry or transcription could have an effect on the wait times reported for a particular facility. Every effort is made to ensure data accuracy.

Increased Demand for Health Care Services

The options for care are becoming more complex. We have more health services available today than ever before and greater demand for these services.

Manitobans are more informed about their health and are actively taking part in their health care.

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