Health People, Healthy North
Programs and Services

Northern Health Region programs and services are delivered based on the following ten provincial core services:


Health Promotion / Education Services

To support individuals and communities to improve their health.


Health Protection Services

To protect residents from exposure to preventable disease and to reduce the spread of communicable diseases.


Prevention & Community Health Services

To deliver effective community based interventions that can prevent health problems from arising and/or reduce their impacts on individuals, families and communities.


Treatment, Emergency & Diagnostic Services

To offer high quality, cost effective treatment, emergency and diagnostic services.


Developmental and Rehabilitation Support Services

To develop services that help people to live productive lives in their communities.


Home-based Care Services

To promote the independence of individuals who require in-home health services or supports and prevent institutionalization.


Long Term Care Services

To provide personal and extended care services and ensure that the residents of the long term care facilities maintain optimal health and independence and receive dignified care in a peaceful end.


Mental Health Services

Access to the full range of mental health services at a regional level, including wellness and prevention programs, community-based assessment and treatment, and in-patient treatment centre.


Substance Abuse/Addictions Services

To address the health related needs of young victims of FASD and prevent their occurrence and to intervene directly in the addictive process.

To provide a 28-day residential/day rehabilitation program for those seeking healing from all forms of addiction (substance and process), including group and individual therapy, assessment and referral.


Palliative Care Services

To provide care to people whose disease does not respond to curative approaches and to provide support to these individuals and their families during the end stages of illness.


The Region has chosen to add Physician Services to our core service mandate:


Physician Services

To recruit, hire and retain the number and type of physicians that are required to improve the health status of Northern Health Region residents.

For a complete list of programs and services in the Northern Health Region, please click here.


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